Mermell Leads on Transparency, Releasing 5 Years of Tax Returns, Challenges Opponents to Debates

Jun 18, 2020

JUNE 18, 2020

Mermell Leads on Transparency, Releasing 5 Years of Tax Returns, Challenges Opponents to Debates

Emphasizing the need for transparency, Mermell pledges to introduce legislation requiring all federal candidates to release returns

BROOKLINE – Following through on her commitment to transparency, Jesse Mermell today became the first candidate in the crowded field to succeed Congressman Joe Kennedy to release her tax returns and challenge her opponents to at least three debates before the September 1st primary – one each in the northern, central, and southern regions of the district. 

“With Donald Trump lying, cheating, and deceiving his way through a failed presidency, Democratic candidates at all levels have an obligation to lead by example and run open, transparent campaigns that are accountable to the voters,” said Mermell. “That’s why today I’m releasing five years of tax returns and challenging my opponents to at least three debates across the district. As candidates, we have a shared responsibility to provide the people of the Fourth District with all of the information they need and deserve to make their decisions, and I hope that my opponents will join me in fulfilling that responsibility.”

Mermell’s tax returns dating back five years through her experience leading the state’s nonprofit voice for progressive business leaders and in public service with Governor Deval Patrick can be accessed here.

Mermell – who early on pledged not to accept any corporate PAC money or contributions from the fossil fuel industry – believes that candidates running at all levels should be required to release tax returns so that voters can know about potential conflicts of interests or ethical failings that may influence their vote. Mermell has pledged to introduce legislation that would require all candidates for federal office to release their tax returns.

While the candidates have participated in several forums and speaking opportunities, there has been just one debate so far – hosted by the Boston College Gavel before the pandemic. Mermell hopes media outlets, universities and other independent organizations step forward to host debates – in person if allowed but, if not, via video technology that is being widely utilized during the pandemic.

“There are clear differences among the candidates in this race – in what we’ve done, in what we stand for and in our priorities,” said Mermell. “Campaigns for Congress demand a higher level of scrutiny and that begins with debates – ideally ones that are sponsored by media or independent organizations and aired as broadly as possible. This remains true even while campaigning during a pandemic.” 

The Mermell campaign has initiated outreach to media outlets, colleges, and community organizations as potential hosts for a Fourth District Congressional debate. Any organization interested in hosting a debate, please email [email protected]